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We provide every staffing option you could need. We understand the added stress and work that comes with finding qualified and reliable staff for your company. Running a business is enough work on its own. Let us take this added stress off your hands, and allow you to focus more on your work and company goals.


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Whether it is a short-term, mid-term or long-term need, temporary staffing allows you to flex up and down with your staff based on your capacity needs. Temporary employees are perfect for assignments that can range anywhere from hours, weeks, months, or even longer. These contract employees provide the help you need without the added expense of employer liabilities or unemployment compensation when the need is fulfilled.

Direct Hire

With direct hire staffing, we handle the majority of the hiring process for you. No more sorting through piles of resumes and applications! The Advantage team will get candidates based on information you’ve provided to us and allow you to choose from our qualified candidates to fill job positions quickly and with confidence. Direct hire services are billed on flat fee basis.


Finding new employees can be stressful when you want to make sure that they will be a good fit for your company. Utilizing a temp-to-hire option gives you the opportunity to find out if the individual you selected has the skills you need and fits your culture before you make the commitment to add them to your team permanently. Once an employee reaches a set number of service hours, you have the option to hire them on as a permanent addition to your staff. If you wish to add them to payroll at an earlier time, you are able to do so for a buy out fee.

Executive Placement

Companies use Executive Placement when seeking to fill higher level executive positions. We sort through resumes and potential candidates to provide you with the most qualified applicants who have the most to offer your company. This is a contingency search where Advantage Resource Group will be paid an agreed upon fee after the search is complete and the applicant is hired.

Our Process

With over 30 years of working with a wide variety of clients, we understand that each company is different in the type of work they perform and qualifications for their staff. At ARG we are dedicated to working closely with our companies to provide them with qualified and reliable staff that fit their individual needs.


ARG will take the time to get to know you and your business in order to understand what to look for in potential candidates for your company. We also ask that you provide us with a write up of the job you are looking to fill.


Once we have gone through all of our applicants, we are able to present you with a list of personnel who we have found to be a great fit for the job and who meets the needs of your company. You are then able to choose people from this list to bring them in for another interview or simply move on to the next step in the hiring process.


ARG will sift through resumes and applications to find the best fit for the type of work and positions you are looking to fill. We will then bring in applicants for an initial round of interviews with ARG to assess their qualifications for the job.


After you have chosen the staff you wish to employ, we will go through all of the hiring paperwork for you.
For temp-to-hire situations, at the end of their contracted assignment term, you can make the decision whether you want to add them to your staff permanently or extend their contract with ARG.

Benefits of using ARG

Saves you time.

Recruiting and sifting through a stack of resumes can be time consuming and tedious for many employers. Advantage Resource Group takes on that role for you. We provide the first step by sorting the chaff from the wheat to give you a qualified pool of candidates.

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Less stress.

Our close connections with job seekers in your industry allow us to fill positions quickly when the need arises.

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As your staffing partner, we take on the responsibility of ending an assignment if the employee is not a direct fit for your position.


  • Smith Eagle Logistics has been working with Advantage over the last couple of years with great success. The laborers provided have given us the ability to meet our objectives and customer requirements.

    Ray Ziegler

    Account Manager — Smith Eagle Logistics

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