There are so many things that go into Human Resources for any company.

We try our best to provide services that take care of each area, and personalize them to your business. If any of these services do not meet your needs, or you have a question regarding the ones we do provide, please do not hesitate to email us at


HR Practices Compliance Review

We provide a full review of your company’s policies, procedures, and practices. Benefits of these audits include:


  • Reduce the threat of fines or penalties for non-compliance with federal and state regulations.
  • Cut costs while increasing profitability.
  • Reduce legal liability.
  • Improve employee morale and productivity.

HR Policy and Handbook Creation

ARG will create a personalized HR handbook that specifically caters to your company. Employee handbooks include information on terms and conditions of employment, organizational policies and procedures, and fringe benefits.


Having an HR policy and handbook can be beneficial in order to:


  • Clarify workplace standards and procedures
  • Provide structure and consistency in the employment relationship which lessens chance of discrimination actions
  • Improve morale by appropriately setting and meeting employee expectations
  • Promote benefits and working conditions which helps to create a positive company self-image

Performance Management Systems

When it comes to employee performance, we have found that having a system in place for evaluation can provide motivation in work environments. We sit down with our client companies and help them create a system between the supervisor and the employee that allows for performance based pay.


These systems are also useful for:


  • Shifting focus from tasks and subjective work habits to work outcomes.
  • Managing the process to ensure company objectives are met.

Workforce Planning

By evaluating the qualifications and skill requirements of different jobs within your company, ARG is able to help you rank them based on importance and responsibility to create appropriate pay levels. We are here to go through this job evaluation process with you in order to form a basis for future wage and salary negotiations.


Benefits of this service include:


  • Keeping a competitive workforce will make for a more profitable organization.
  • Form the foundation of any human resource process ranging from recruitment and selection to career development.

Affirmative Action Plans

ARG will work with you to create an Affirmative Action Plan, whether it is a policy or program, that will create measures to ensure equal opportunity employment and avoid discrimination in the work place. We work to make sure you have a plan that will help you meet federal requirements and continue to build your business.

Wage and Salary Surveys and Administration

Rather than only evaluating the jobs within your company, we offer surveys that will compare pay levels with other employers in your job market and location to better determine industry competitive pay levels.


Our wage and salary survey helps you understand your competitors’ employee compensation packages in order to:


  • Stay competitive with similar companies in your area.
  • Quote more effectively for better profitability.

Safety Programs


We try to take away the stress of meeting OSHA regulations by walking you through the creation of a safety program and setting up a workplace safety committee. Additionally, we can provide you with pre-OSHA inspections to make you aware of any areas of concern before an actual OSHA inspection.


Advantage Resource Group provides programs designed to comply with PA State Regulations for safety committee certification. By implementing a workplace safety committee, your company becomes eligible to receive a 5% state sponsored discount on your workers’ compensation premium for every  year you meet the requirements.  This program also provides the tools necessary to keep workers’ compensation costs down and manage claims effectively.